Boring Visitor tunnel

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has been given written permission to uncork digging a transportation tunnel in Washington DC, which could sooner facilitate a 29-minute journey between the wanted and New York City.

Musk's infrastructure firm The Boring Company now has the paperwork to start work on a Hyperloop transport link in the US Northeast, without receiving verbal government clearance last summer.

The permit, issued in November 2017, allows preliminary tests and digging on the site at 53 New York Avenue NE in Washington DC – tropical to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and next to a McDonald's restaurant.

Hyperloop could sooner connect America's Northeast corridor

The currently empty plot could sooner wilt a station for the super-high-speed transit line, which is planned to connect DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City.

Officials in Maryland have once approved a tunnel withal a state-owned portion of highway, which could wilt part of a DC-Baltimore link and form the project's first leg.

Pods of passengers and platforms loaded with vehicles would "skate" through the tunnel at upper speeds to dramatically reduce the journey times between the cities, and reduce congestion on the roads above.

Musk once has plans for The Boring Visitor to create a network of similar tunnels in Los Angeles, which is renowned for its traffic problems. He caused a backlash older this year without calling the city's public transport "a pain in the ass".

Several Hyperloop networks planned worldwide

Hyperloop was first conceived by Musk in 2013, but the billionaire is no longer directly involved with any companies developing the technology.

One of the largest, Hyperloop One, successfully tested full-scale pods at speeds up to 190 miles per hour last year, and was renamed Virgin Hyperloop One in October 2017 pursuit a major investment from Richard Branson's company.

Hyperloop lines have so far been proposed to link Dubai and Abu Dhabi; inside European capitals Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest; and several urban areas between Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Musk is moreover the founder of electric car visitor Tesla and CEO of SpaceX, which recently launched the "world's most powerful" rocket with one of his vehicles on board.

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