FR-EE plans Hyperloop corridor to create Mexican "megalopolis"

A team led by Fernando Romero's Mexican studio FR-EE has won a competition to diamond a Hyperloop high-speed transport line, which will link urban areas from Mexico City to Guadalajara.

FR-EE plans Hyperloop corridor to create Mexican "megalopolis"

The Mexloop is set to wilt one of the world's first Hyperloop corridors, and will connect inside Mexico's major metropolises to form a "megalopolis".

FR-EE – the firm led by technie Fernando Romero – was named the winner of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge with its proposal, and will now work with Hyperloop One to develop the network.

When completed, it will link the wanted and most populous city, Mexico City, with the Bajío lowland cities of Queretaro, Leon and Guadalajara. They have a combined population of 42 million, expected to rise to 60 million by 2050.

FR-EE plans Hyperloop corridor to create Mexican "megalopolis"

Hyperloop was first envisioned by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk in 2014 as a high-speed transport system, which uses magnets and fans to propel passenger capsules through a network of pipes.

Travelling at speeds over 1,000 kilometres per hour (600 miles per hour), it would enable passengers to travel from Mexico Municipality to Guadalajara in 45 minutes. Other lines are planned between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, a journey that would take 12 minutes, and to connect Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest in under 20 minutes.

The Hyperloop One Global Challenge attracted over 2,600 entries from virtually the world.

FR-EE plans Hyperloop corridor to create Mexican "megalopolis"

The strategy for Mexloop is help uplift the once booming region's economic development, and grow its automobile, aeronautic, pharmaceutical, technology, and services industries. It is moreover hoped that it will reduce congestion in the wanted and its surroundings, as well as create jobs.

"The proposal takes an tideway to locating stations and leveraging minutiae to remoter diversify and strengthen its variety of manufacturing and technology industries, reinforce its network of top universities and research and minutiae centres, and create radically new opportunities for people to live, work, and be anywhere, in minutes," said FR-EE in a statement.

FR-EE plans Hyperloop corridor to create Mexican "megalopolis"

For the competition, the consortium submitted plans for station locations and designs, route infrastructure, and pod diamond and logistics. The proposal is endorsed by the Mexico Construction Industry Chamber (CMIC) and is included in its Infrastructure 2030 Plan.

FR-EE is currently working on Mexico City's new international airport with Foster Partners, and has completed major projects in the municipality like the Museo Soumaya. Romero moreover unveiled plans for a binational municipality spanning the US-Mexico border at last year's London Diamond Biennale.

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